Suggestions Casinos Use to Keep You In

Suggestions Casinos Use to Keep You In

Gambling is an old era pastime shared by both the young and the elderly. Even though it is simple to gamble at home or at any other personal space where it is allowed, many would still love to visit amusement districts — not the “red” type to gamble in casinos.

Casinos of different calibers know about this. These gambling establishments spend loads of effort to bring customers in and place a great deal more work in keeping these people from leaving. Basically, casinos resort to subtle secrets to turning themselves into gambling traps. Here are the five common ones.


1. Elimination of time awareness

If you do not wear a watch and actually check on it, there’s virtually no way to tell what time it is in a casino. There are neither windows nor clocks nor watches around the dealer’s wrist, all of which can help you tell time and automatically respond to it in the process. Additionally, most games have been made so fast-paced you will wind up not worrying you will spend too much time in a table or machine. To top it off, the enormous casinos pump their halls with a couple of surplus oxygens to keep you awake and prevent you from leaving for some rest.

2. A welcoming, home-like atmosphere

So you think the casino’s design is all about aesthetics? Not really, though beauty is a part of the proprietor’s agenda. The obsessive cleanliness, dim lights, music, in addition to the interior’s color scheme makes for a home-like ambiance while the vibrant rugs should deliver a hypnotic effect to the customers such that they would feel welcome and not want to leave.

3. Confusing maze-like layout

Stepping into the gambling section of the casino is entering a maze of slot machines and gambling tables. You are supposed to have lost in the casino floor and get tempted to play some games as you try to find your way out. The casino amenities such as restrooms and hotel suites, and the cashier’s desk are conveniently positioned deep into the casino and past many, many game tables and machines to entice you to return quickly to play, and dissuade cashing out, respectively.

4. Freebies

Casinos love giving away free items and for this, they take the cake on quality customer support. The reason they don’t want their valued visitors to stop gambling at all! Alcohol is the most frequent handouts you might find in these gambling establishments, and it’s because hard drinks frequently cloud its customer’s decision, leading to losses and a lot more chips purchased. Food is another frequent offering, and this also prevents customers from getting hungry and leaving the table to eat. In huge casinos, high rollers are treated like princes, complete with free premium suites and suites, all in an attempt to make them invest more in the gambling establishment.

5. Illusion of winning

While the casino maintains a homey atmosphere, they also tend to put an emphasis on their main attraction — gambling. Hence, they use various elements to make gamblers think that their games are quite easy to win. By way of instance, bright outdoor lights offer a joyous and lively ambiance, while inside, music and sounds make it seem like people are winning all over the place. This produces the gambler wishes to devote a fantastic deal and make a profit off the casino when the reverse is more of this reality.

Nothing more than self-control is required to prevent falling into the casino’s trap. Of course, you don’t need to say anything they provide you, but remember to not get lost in all the fun and excitement, lest you wind up broke and exploited.

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